Smart Home Gadgets That Really Make Life Easier


gadgetsA lot of people are often searching for “hacks” to make tasks around the house more simplified. Smart gadgets not only look great in your home, but also come in pretty handy for people seeking a helping hand around the house. We have compiled a list of some of the most helpful smart gadgets on the market. Get back to relaxing and spending quality time with friends and family after a long day at work.

iRobot Scooba
Mopping the floor is a task that no one truly enjoys. Whether you do it the old fashioned way or use a device like a steam mop, it takes effort and time. With iRobot’s Scooba, you can save yourself time (and back pain) by leaving the mopping to the machine. The Roomba makers floor mopping robot cleans up to 99.3% of bacteria on your floor with their 3 cycle scrub process. A pre-soak helps loosen caked on grime. A powerful scrub cycle deep cleans the surface and finally a squeegee pass leaves floors dry and clean. This device uses fresh water or cleaning solution for each pass. No more spreading dirty water like the traditional mopping method. This device can clean up to 300 square foot on a single charge and is compatible with Roomba battery packs and wall chargers.

The Click and Grow Smart Garden
Is your green thumb…well…not so green? Many of us like the idea of having fresh herbs on hand but can’t seem to remember to water them. With the Smart Garden you simply fill the tank once a month and you are all set. These mini gardens are full of sensors that ensure your plants get the right balance of oxygen, nutrients and water. Equipped with a light and timer, you will never have to worry about your herbs getting enough sun light. You can purchase growth pods for an assortment of herbs and small veggies from Click and Grow. This really takes the guesswork out of planting and maintaining your mini garden.

SousChef Ingredient Dispenser
Eliminate that clutter of measuring spoons and cups (and the clean up after) with the SousChef. This handy devices serves as an all in 1 cutting board, food scale and ingredient dispenser. It comes equipped with built in recipes and the ability to input custom recipes. The SousChef will even walk you through each step to create the perfectly measured meal of your choice.

Looj 300 Gutter Cleaner
Another iRobot device sure to make the man of the house happy is the Looj 300. This gutter auger sweeps and unclogs even the toughest buildup in your gutters. As it moves through your gutter system, the Looj 300 senses what it’s up against and operates to break up any nasty leaf blockage it encounters. It’s spinning motion kicks debris up and over your gutter walls, freeing them from the nasty, smelly buildup. This device is remote controlled so that you can control it’s forward and backward motion for any super clogs it encounters. Save your Sunday afternoon and use the Looj 300 to quickly and efficiently clean your gutters.

Worx Landriod Robotic Lawn Mower
Another great smart device to help with outdoor chores is the Worx Landroid Mower. It tackles the tough task of lawn mowing without you lifting a finger. Unlike the less frequent, substantial mow of a standard mower, this machine trims a little bit at a time, operating daily to keep your lawn looking as manicured as possible. This mower runs smoothly on slopes up to 20 degrees, meaning this little guy can get up and down most hills with ease. The best part of this smart mower is that it runs on a 28V battery, so no harmful emissions or trips to the gas station for fuel.